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A span of time –
November 2, 2014, 3:41 pm
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I recently received a photograph of several of my pieces that were sold in 1975 –
They were framed and hanging on a wall – the collectors had questions for me about the technique and the imagery…and the about the gallery where they were purchased. They had tracked me down over the internet. I must say it has given me pause – and consideration about all those things.

Back then, I was working in dry pastel – and, I was just about to begin my connection and exploration with the printmaking world. Meeting the incredible Master Printers that would become my mentors and friends for life. I was headed down the rabbit hole…never to turn back. I am still working with pastel – adding it to my prints…but I recall my methods…remember the feel on my hands. Over time I continue building layers – still – but now with collage as well as pastel – and its over the printed ink. Pastel has become integrated in a deeper layered process…

As for the imagery…I find myself once again pushing and testing my color and form. I look at the older images…and they were so much more abstracted. And flatter. I had been inspired by the minimalist painters…but the spare color had began to layer and build and the edges soften and smear. I don’t exactly remember when…but the composition began to motivate the imagery. That division became a horizon line. The work started to resemble landscape – granted….totally imaginary landscape – the color pallet directed the line and mood. There was distance in the image.
Ironically – or maybe, naturally – now I find I’m heading back to the abstract – more and more. Seeking minimal again…somewhat.

And that gallery – Kornblee Gallery – has long been gone. Fred Deitzel, the wonderful young guy that worked for them – plucked my work from a group show – guided me in sales – and then became my dealer downtown – he passed when that monster AIDS swept so many away. The gallery scene is now in flux…lots of paths and possibilities…and its in some ways more open – and in some ways more difficult than ever. I’m safe and have a venue in my Brooklyn Gallery. Still selling – phew.

Ahhhh – lots to ponder – and I admit – I am startled to look back and realize what a long time I have been in this game. And my work is still changing and moving…but you can certainly recognize my hand and sensibility on the paper. Indeed, I feel very lucky to still be provoked and pushing technique possibilities. I am one lucky woman to be living in NY – the belly of the beast – and to still be in my studio working most days. Damn.

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